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Video belong to Dennis Woodgate from PC Repair Albany Services and are used for reference only

Shenzhen, November 17 of 2009

The new Preheating Plate T-8280 Stand Alone, gives you all the space you need for big boards, including Xbox, PS3 and Super computers. Can pair with your Stand Alone infrared or Stand Alone Hot Air Station for any repair you need. Area of preheating is 280 * 270 mm and the whole working area is 410 * 315mm , 1600 Watts of power you can see more by doing CLICK HERE


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Shenzhen, November 07 of 2009

To drop some rumors that some machines cannot do the job, one of our closest friends made this video in which the T-862++ with a combined technique can do the Xbox extraction, again, the TX-999 will provide enough areas when is ready and much less price range than the T-870A, it will be the missing link between 45 mm and 35 mm chips. While that happens, this video helps you to use the best resources you have in 35 mm t-862++ to do your job. Thanks to Dennis Woodgate as usual for the valuable colaboration.