New Year of the Tiger - TX-999DM Official Release

Shenzhen, March 01 of 2010

These are the actual specifications of the final development of this device. This machine will be exclusively distributed by Dragon Group China Direct and their own new distribution channels in different countries ( Which is why it took long to be released) . You will be able to get this device directly in some of your countries, or writing to  or ( Change @ for # )

In Colombia :

In USA :   


The BGA Station is actually available only in 220v

Price change to different zones due to Shipping, zones are not based on geography or politics, but by traffic between China and each single country of destination. 

Each box comes with the device (TX-999DM) plus:

* Ic popper
* Gel Flux tube

* Reballing balls Unleaded .600 250,000 Bottle

* Reballing Station 80mm

* Xbox and PS3 Stencils
* Xbox PCB Supports

* PS3 PCB Support

Please check our " BUY IT " Direct store in this website available soon.

Right now the proper last tests of shipping and functionality are being done by our beta testers in different countries, when that finish, then will be ready for you. 

Shenzhen March 20  of 2010  

There are new videos available in of the T870A working with Xbox, which also will be soon in our video channel


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