The Hong Kong Refurbished Scam

Shenzhen, July 25 of 2010

Due to popularity and customer appreciation to our brand, inescropulous people in Hong Kong and South China got into the task to collect broken and used parts of machines, to replace the ones inside new machines, and make double money selling spares and machines refurbished that barely can stand some months of use. These machines you will  identify because the gang use the motto : " we are the ones making less profits on these machines, talk to us to beat any price " , we have identified around 4 HONG KONG sellers with this practice and we are in the process of contacting authorities and ebay about this. We have received tons of complains from customers from those sellers, that after 2 months machines just dont work more, Pay pal protection and Ebay protection by then is over and thse people with the scam of 2 years warranty are taking not only fake sales into the market but also hurting our reputation as they do not give warranty for those unreal machines, but also to us, because we cannot give warranty to not legal bought machines from real PuhuiT distributors.  Do not get into this lottery just for getting cheap. Their reputation is based on people receiving machines and working a while, but after that  is when machines fail, and they will just avoid you. Buy from a REAL distributor of the real brand from the factory that is in CHINA, in Taian. Either DGC Group stores or the one of your preference, NO MACHINE has 2 year warranty, no machine is 30 to 40 % cheaper than the average. That like in any other brand, means only that you are trying to buy FAKE.

If you buy from these shops on Ebay you won't have factory warranty ever with those machines:

rumei-shopping / qiandingzhensatisfaction / love-happyshopping  

Shenzhen, July 15 of 2010  

The TX-999DM BGA Station is actually available 220v   

Price change to different zones due to Shipping, zones are not based on geography or politics, but by traffic between China and each single country of destination. 

You can purchase contacting : In Colombia : In USA : In Spain

Each box comes with the device (TX-999DM) plus:

* Ic popper
* Gel Flux tube

* Reballing balls Unleaded .600 250,000 Bottle

* Reballing Station 80mm

* Xbox and PS3 Stencils
* Xbox PCB Supports

* PS3 PCB Support

Please check our " BUY IT " Direct store in this website available soon.


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