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PUHUI T DGC Company Values

UNITY: To progress every day we need to cooperate with each other and with our customers.

RESPOSIBILITY: To take care of our faults and make better products and technology every day.

HONESTY: To give the best of our talent and do with proudly and transparently.

PERSISTANCE: To try every day to do better our job so can other be affected positively by our efforts.

POSITIVISM: To face any challengue with faith that we will do it right and better everyday and give the world more than they expect from us.  


Mr.Value of 2010: Zhang Yong- 张勇


Committed to our values and our knowledge, effort everyday to provide the world with accurate technology and proper support to face daily challengues, be there when we are needed and develop each of the process needed by the industry.



Strive to be known in the world as a clear and honest company with the right values and technology for the needs of the customers, with devices developed with user-friendly features and proper customer support for every needs. 


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